Great acceptance for the start with swimwear parade of the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

On June 26, the 080 Barcelona Fashion started with a parade of swimwear on the beach of Barceloneta. The first to parade then, have been Orcarleon, Miquel Suai, Lebor Gabala or TCN.

Although it has been a parade with collections that praise the romantic woman, we can also say that it is also a sensual woman. The firm TCN, which was the last to march, shows us a sweet but emotional woman. His golden chains and, in general, his commitment to the accessory, shows us that woman sure to make modernity and tradition converge.

The catwalk is opened by Ángels Chacón, who has made a special call to the consumer to set and bet on companies that prioritize the circular economy. Every time there are more firms than by conviction or because this is demanded by an increasingly committed society, they are committed to environmental sustainability and local production, bets that we especially applaud.

The other participating companies today have also shown that striking mixture between the classic and the modern. In particular, modernity is represented by the urban, as in the clear case of the Miquel Suei collection. Or the nostalgia embodied in Oscarleon’s pieces. Maybe it’s Lebor Gabala’s less classical collection despite having worked the “vintage” and trying to take us back to the 80s with colorful prints and colors. Although it is also true that we are in the fluorescent year.

The most striking, in any case, and celebrated also, has been the change of place of the catwalk to the Club Patí Vela in the Muelle de la Marina. A success of the organization that, without a doubt, has given the audience something to talk about.

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