Milan Fashion Week 2019 takes place in different locations.

Milan Fashion Week has become the main platform for the promotion of fashion in Italy. 
Organized by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, this year will have different locations including several palaces, 
where catwalks and live shows will show us the models to wear in the next fall / winter season.

Apart from the most well-known and prestigious firms that, like every year, will participate in the event, giving it the cache it deserves, 
I will count with new creators and emerging firms. So, the Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Armani, Gucci or Moschino, this year 
will be joined by Marni or Nakashima among others.

Of course it is an event that nobody wants to miss, it is not necessary to remember that Milan Fashion Week 
is one of the Big Four and that the former president of the Italian Fashion Chamber, Mario Boselli, managed
to give the event a boost during his mandate that still remains today. Not in vain, his successor, Carlo Capasa, is a true 
reference for fashion in the transalpine country and we are pleased that he holds that position until 2020.

This year, like everyone else, the big establishments and personalities are lent, once again, to be part of the big fashion 
week in their country since it is the perfect showcase to promote their brands. Thus, the Roberto Capucci, Emilio Schubert 
or Maria Antonelli, among others, will make their emblematic houses available.

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