The German couturier Karl Lagerfeld dies, the most influential couturier of the second half of the 20th century.

A few hours ago, today, February 19, 2019, said goodbye one of the largest figures in the world of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld dies, at 85 years, expired his last breath in Paris, how could it be otherwise. The city that saw him emerge as the greatest designer of the twentieth century, now dismisses it with sincere tears.

The city of lights says, well, goodbye to the genius who for 36 years was in charge of Chanel, and who, with firm hand and exquisite taste, turned it into the symbol that it is today. The rumors about his state of health came according to what forums after his absence in the farewell to his last parade just a few months ago. On Monday he was admitted to the American Hospital in Paris and on Tuesday he left us forever.

The Kaiser of fashion, as he was known in colloquially rejuvenated the Chanel firm among other of his many contributions. There are those who affirmed that the older the fashion designer became, the more youthful were his creations. Undoubtedly a feature of this high-born German, was his ability to assimilate the new times and his avant-garde which made him a beacon to follow for many designers and firms of his generation.

He even dared to design the collections of artists of the stature of Madonna or Kylie Minogue. Nothing was denied to the couturier who always garnered great praise from both the public and the critics. No doubt today is a day for all of them and nobody will go to bed today in the same way.

Today Paris in a little less Paris and haute couture loses one of its most outstanding references, being a little in the orphanage of glamor. Rest in Peace Karl Lagarfeld and thank you very much for everything!

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