C & A promotes, together Zalando and Kering, an authenticity startup of organic cotton.

Ecological trends change production models and organic cotton garments are the new fashion. Although the production of this type of cotton is negligible compared to that of normal cotton, its sales represent 15,000 million euros per year; a figure not negligible.

The consumer in general is increasingly demanding. The fashion consumer is even more so. Organic cotton is the new passion of those who care about the environment and, increasingly, demand organic and organic products. The firms collect the demand and start working on it. An example? Kering, Zalando and C & A have already put their batteries.

What only a few years ago was a yearning, today is a clear and resounding demand; the fashionable consumer does not want to be left behind in the career of modernity; never. So, today, respect for nature is the coolest and trending and anything that is surnamed or prefixed with words like organic or organic, has great potential.

This market is on the rise, and the problem of authenticity of product is not elusive. Like everyone else, he has to show that the cotton that the firms receive to make their garments is really organic. And it’s not always easy to verify that what you sell is not a copy. So Kering, Zalando and C & A have promoted the creation of a startup, named Bext360, dedicated to the verification of this material.

There are fewer and fewer excuses, thanks to this type of initiatives, to say no to the new ways to create the pieces. In any case, we know with certainty that fashion firms are very aware of the environment and any form of respect for nature; and not just because your customers require it.

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