The hat is back and signatures like Alejandra Oliver confirm the fact.

The hat has ancestrally occupied an important place in the wardrobes of different generations of both men and women. We can even affirm, without fear of erring, that it is the oldest complement that exists. Although in its beginnings its raison d’être had more to do with practical elements of shelter, at present it has more prominence in the aesthetic spectrum. What is certain is that it is gaining relevance in the outfits of any self-respecting fashionista, being one of the star accessories of all seasons.

Firms around the world are pushing hard in the hat boom. Here in Spain, how could it be otherwise, we have great representatives too. The young firm Alejandra Oliver is a good example. The 29-year-old from Madrid who gives her name to the brand, although a career lawyer, has managed to carve a niche in the complicated world of the complement thanks to her classic hats, flat and wide brim, and traditional fabrics such as felt and hair. straw shawl Their original tapes acquired all over the world, are also one of their hallmarks, as well as the use of tacks, buttons or pens

The Spanish designer who traditionally manufactures her clothes, made all over Spain, has arrived, mainly through the social networks so indispensable today, up to high popularity quotas. Many have been the referents of these networks who have used their models on different occasions. Even Infanta Elena in the past Roland Garros wore one of her creations. Also the influencers Alex Riviere (@ariviere), Loreto Gordo (@loretomadeinstyle) or Carmen de la Puerta (@carmendelapuerta) among others, have been attracted by her clothes.

Alejandra’s longing is for the hat to come back definitively to stay. And not only for its use on special occasions, but so that its daily use returns to our streets the elegance that this complement brings.

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