New York Fashion Week will not feature the signature of designer Alexander Wang.

Rumors that aim to relate the “poster fall” of Alexander Wang in New York, with the previous resignations, already well known, Proenza, Rodarte and Schouler have been triggered. However, there are significant differences between the reasons for abandonment.

In the case of Rodarte, Proenza and Chouler. The firms have decided to leave New York to move to Europe with the sole purpose of presenting haute couture fashion shows. In the case of the American designer, the reason has more to do with an approach to the world of pre-collections. Rethink, let’s say the product with the month in which it is sent.

We do not believe that the spoiled child of the American fashion pretends to “sell” itself to the current of immediacy, but of course, it means an approach, at least, remarkable.

The CFDA itself has supported Wang’s decision, and is already working on the idea of ​​establishing a schedule of specific shows around the previous collections. In addition, it is said that moving the parade to less full dates, you can put on your part to the press, which is more fundamental in the world of fashion.

The fact is that New York has received another hard blow with this low so sensitive. More considering who it is on this occasion; nothing more and nothing less than the prodigal son of San Francisco and adopted in New York.

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