Apodemia, the luxury jewelery firm intends to forge in Spain.

The new location of Apodemía in Madrid, on Fuencarral Street, aims to be the starting point for a really exciting campaign for the company. Fifty, they say, are the stores that pretend to have opened before 2022. This, in particular, is a store with flagship to be in the times that correspond.

The implementation of digital screens so that the customer can make purchases participating in the Apodemia experience, is undoubtedly a success that the firm has been responsible for promoting properly. After its good results in 2017, the company aims, as we said, to reach all corners of the Spanish geography in 2021 with the opening of up to 50 stores throughout the country. Without a doubt a succulent goal in which they believe and trust.

Jaime Landeta, CEO and co-founder is optimistic with the brand’s new twist, which, he says, is aimed at attracting a faithful audience with values ​​related to good taste and class. Its new image is oriented to a new conception that seeks to create loyalty and create experiences.

Bilbao and Barcelona were the first bets of the company that now opens its market to Madrid from where it intends to “colonize” the nation. We hope that this is the case and we wish you all the luck in this sumptuous bet.

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