Each era has its style, and athleisure is postulated as the trend of this decade.

We all easily come to the head, and in pictures, the clothes that were dressed according to what time. It is easy to visualize how people dressed depending on the time that is indicated. These years, it seems, will go down in history as the decade of sport, so that athleisure will be the trend of this decade. 

No one has yet forgotten the trends of the decades closest to the time: The minimalism of the 90s, with the progressive departure of the great top models towards the child-like androgynous models. We speak, of course, of the time when the Schiffer, Campbell or Crawford gave way to the Moss or Rafaelli.

The leggings arrived in the 80s, and although they have returned with strength, it is only their sport component that has returned them to the first line. In that decade they maked a trend by themselves. Today they combine with clothing and are the ideal model to go out there. It is true that the colors of that time are not the ones that prevail today, that the legging is worn more in muted and smooth tones.

Needless to say, we remember well the past decade in which the tracksuit came out of the closet more ramblings to become the most placed garment. Of course, it was not the typical tactel runway without more; the combinations and the jewelery added to the combo transferred a glamor that previously absolutely lacked. Even so, some would prefer to forget that.

But today the trend is clear: Athleisure is “cool”. Perhaps it is the logical drift of the immediately preceding decade; after all, it’s still a sports trend. But what is clear is that what marks the decade are collections like those of Beyoncé, Rihanna for firms such as TopShop and Puma respectively. And they are the first to set an example with their sporty and at the same time suggestive outfits.

We do not know if in a few years we will renege on the decade of Athleisure, but right now we love it and we are enjoying the possibilities it offers and how good it feels in the divas of the moment. And if we do a little sport, well come.

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