Zara uses new technologies, such as augmented reality, to surprise its customers.

The last experiments of Zara are giving of what to speak more than ever. The augmented reality and the parcel delivery machines are the company’s new bets; and they are being news. It is not new, in any case, that the Spanish firm ahead of its competitors in innovation at the time of surprising the consumer. But let’s see what it consists of:

The augmented reality is designed so that the showcase seems empty, but when we pass our phone through this space, models appear wearing the clothes of the season in question. These life-size “flesh and bone” mannequins are sighted and the feeling is truly impressive. The great advantage that some experts emphasize, is that we can see the garments in models in movement, that dance, run, jump, …

For those who do not understand it, it’s the same technology that was used for the famous pokemon game that talked so much last summer. At the moment this technology is located only in the power plant that Inditex has in Arteixo, but it will make the leap to the stores, sure, in a few months. In fact, for April is scheduled to be installed in 120 stores of the group.

The other big bet of the international giant are the cashiers of delivery of packages. Logically, it is about twinning the physical store and the digital store. For this, the bet is these ultra modern ATMs where the customer can pick up the order he made online. On a large digital screen the code will be placed and the order in question will appear in the tray.

This “artifact” is still under test at the A Coruña headquarters, with capacity for 700 packages and expelling 600 per week. The idea is to move it to many of its centers throughout Spain. We do not know dates yet for this, but if we know that by May, a couple of these ATMs will also be located in at least a couple of stores in London.

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