Close Calvin Klein 205W39NYC The legendary New York fashion house,

Calvin Klein, closes its doors.Although since the acquisition of the firm by the shirt giant PVH, Calvin Klein had undergone several changes and changes of different kinds, the truth is that it was still a powerful machine of the fashion industry. But neither does anyone escape that mass consumption is the new gold for, increasingly, signatures of classic calls. And the numbers, in the end, have to leave.

The Calvin Klein brand, from a time to this part “surnamed” 205W39NYC, represents the luxury of the house without taboos or any complex. Each year, New York fashion week received its high-end collection for the fashion world to echo the trend in haute couture. And it seemed that this was the bet of PVH for the firm. Not in vain, the signing of Raf Simons in 2016, pointed clearly, in that clear direction.

However, sales were not meaning as expected and the American giant took, at the end of last year, a decision. Before Simons himself left the ship, the firm changed the name and closed its flagship, the Manhattan store. Something was brewing in “offices”, although few would have conjectured with a closing of the legendary signature.

The spokeswoman of the Klein house that announced yesterday the end of the firm in a blunt and blunt manner, also left room for speculation. According to the spokesperson, the firm was open to the possibility of presenting more collections in the formats that they considered relevant. In this way, and although the headline in his own words was clear, we do not really know what will happen exactly. We will be very aware of the movements of this firm, one of the most loved and admired by the public, and, of course, one of our favorites since always.

50 years nothing less in the forefront of good taste and high fashion. We are sure that it will return to speak sooner than some believe. Did you like it? Meet You Are UnicornThis post is also available in english

Did you like it? Meet You Are Unicorn

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