New movement of height in Nina Ricci.

Just one day after the Guillaume bomb, Nina Ricci is news again with the announcement of her brand new addition; nothing more and nothing less than Charlotte Tasset as general director of fashion and perfume.

This time, the displacement of positions touches completely to the one that in 2014 took charge of the position, Sophie Templier, who, although she also held the position of general direction of fashion, seems to have received another offer to which she could not say no. . We will be aware of where the Frenchwoman is.

This new incorporation has not caught by surprise to some that already announced that the nine years in which Tasset worked firmly in the strategy of repositioning of luxury stores in Primptemps, were coming to an end. But for others it has been the news of the month without a doubt, although we already know that, as the thing is, tomorrow we will have another bomb that will make us forget what happened ten minutes ago.

In any case, for Nina Ricci it is undoubtedly a great bet for her consolidation as a key player in the world of luxury and fashion in perfume. Of course the house has said so, as well as their enthusiasm and confidence deposited in the French so that this settlement can be carried out in a definitive manner.

Charlotte Tasset did not reach the world by hand until 2006 when she joined GAP. Previously she was a consultant in large companies in the sector, which gives her, perhaps, a greater air of sophistication if possible. We also remember his step, after GAP, for Sephora until his arrival in 2009 in what has been his home until this March of 2018, Primptemps.

Just to wish the best of luck to both Tasset in his new career, and to the firm Nina Ricci in his choice of this new director of fashion and perfume.

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