The Meredes Benz Fashion Week and Ecoembes, together to praise the circular economy.

The circular economy based on the recycling of packaging describes a closed system between economy and environment. The circular economy is part of the study of feedback of non-linear systems, living systems. An important result of this is the idea of ​​optimizing systems rather than components, or the idea of ​​’custom design’.

Well, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid has decided to strengthen this year its alliance with the non-profit environmental organization, Ecoembe, to be able to show the possibilities that recycling applications can bring to the world of fashion. In fact, they have created the Fashion and Sensibility Committee that will be directly associated with this walkway and with which they intend to lay the foundations of a joint and lasting work for the help and conservation of the environment. In addition to postulate as an example to imitate by the catwalks around the globe.

The directors of both institutions, Charo Izquierdo on the side of the catwalk and Nieves Rey as director of Corporate Communications and Marketing by Ecoembes, presented the initiative on the second day of the catwalk, and told us that both, will exercise the work of presidents of the Committee. The rest of the organism will be an authentic melting pot of familiar faces from the world of fashion among media, firms, etc.

Nieves Rey was very happy with the initiative and commented that the possibility of developing new fabrics from recycled material is, apart from an ecological success, a new possible outlet for fashion, since, lately, he said, it seems that almost Everything is invented. Of course it will be a great challenge and will surely bring fantastic proposals to Madrid.

The next edition of the catwalk of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will have a collection by a designer appointed by the committee, at the proposal of a distribution of experts from the textile industry. The chosen designer will work with recycled material such as plastic bottles and the like.

The truth, this project nation of the hand of Ecoembres in 2015 and has already had the name of the likes of Moisés Nieto, María Clè Leal and footwear firm Etxaburu, who took on the challenge and demonstrated that if you can and that It is more than an option, a moral obligation also on the part of fashion. Why not?

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