A month after the goodbye of Kate Spade, the controversy continues about his disappearance.

On June 5, the great designer Kate Spade left us. The news, which surprised everyone, convulsed the world of fashion. Although the depression of the American was known to all, her suicide caught everyone and everyone by surprise. From the beginning, the police considered the hypothesis of suicide that was immediately confirmed with the release of the dismissal letter that the dressmaker left to her daughter Frances Beatrix.

The day after his death, Kate’s sister, Reta Brosnahan, left glimpses in some controversial statements, that what happened did not come to surprise him, which meant a real revolution in the family and in the followers of the designer, who, Apparently, they did not share that vision.

Everything points to the depression in which the American was immersed for, at least four years, was motivated by the emotional break with his partner, Andy Spade, who, according to his sister’s statements, had also tried to encourage her to receive professional help next to this.

Perhaps, say those closest to her, her depression was aggravated in recent times by the express request of her ex-husband to obtain a formal divorce. It seems that this will be another one of those great events in the world of fashion in which there will always be different versions and opinions.

We, in any case, just want to say goodbye to one of the greatest designers of this century and our most sincere condolences to family and fans, among whom we are.

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