The EU loses 60,000 million due to the business of counterfeiting.

The Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO) recently revealed, after a new investigation carried out in recent years, that counterfeiting, in different sectors, entails a loss of 60,000 million Euros each year for the European Union; that is, a 7.5 of sales.

The data is in Spain are even worse with a 9.3% loss of their sales

This, according to the EUIPO, supposes a decrease in the employment of workers because the companies manufacture less and therefore they need less personnel. Always according to data from this European office the number would reach 434,000 workers less.

Among the thirteen sectors chosen to carry out the research are cosmetics, clothing, accessories, jewelry and watches, handbags, discs, telephones in even drinks, among others. This is data collected in the last five years and that speaks clearly of what this unique trade means.

Antonio Campinos, executive director of the Intellectual Property office of the European Union, was concerned that for the first time, the data is alarming. Furthermore, the solution is more complex than one could imagine, so the problem is becoming more than that.

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