The French Dior firm leaves for posterity a presentation without any buts.

When the Dior house presented its Crucero 2018 collection in Calabasas last year, many were surprised to see how its creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, had used elements of Motherpeace in her prints, the tarot game created in the 70s, in the middle of the hippie, by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble. However, over the months, different brands have decided to follow the creative prediction of the French maison and have climbed the astral car.

The keys to this parade is, and will remain in our memory for some time are diverse:

When we listen to California, our imaginary takes us without remission to red carpets and luxury in general. The fact of transferring that glamor to the far west with a parade of exquisite taste, is an unprecedented success in the firm that we will remember with affection.

In a clear return to its origins, the creative director evokes her first collection with the brand with transparencies and continuous references to the feminine silhouette in her new creations, characteristic features of her romantic style.

A feminist message is planned in each section of this new collection. The designer hardly loses the chance to show her commitment to this struggle in the 21st century and this new exhibition is an example of that. Another success

For us, the Spanish representation in the presentation is one more plus. As always, we are proud that our most renowned models are part of this type of international events.

But one of the key pieces of the success of the pass, has undoubtedly been the figure of the hat. This complement, adored by women and men in equal parts but of risky use, has been the most outstanding success for its reception. And we are not talking about any hat, but the classic Cowboy hat that, in our opinion, provides a touch of the sexiest.

In short, a new success of one of the firms that gives us more good times each year and which we follow with admiration and respect.

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