The digital consultancy Avanade, warns that the future of fashion is in technology.

There are many news and evidences, which we have been observing for some time now, which tell us about a radical change in fashion world. Everyone knows that the world is changing, and fashion is not going to be left aside, logically. On the contrary, even its innovative and trend-oriented nature makes it one of the disciplines that will support changes before you.

Technology advances very quickly and, although it sounds topical, more and more. Ortega said, back in a time when they could not imagine how we are today, that precisely at a time when technology is so fast, maybe it is where we need the humanities most to manage and order our priorities. However, it is not precisely where it seems that we want to take some managers. In any case, studies, in this case conducted between the microsoft consultant Avanade and EKN Research, tell us that technology is the immediate future of fashion; and more concretely still, they place us for the next year 2020.

Especially based on the relationship between consumer, product and employee, the study comes to tell us that fashion as we know it goes to a better life sooner than we imagine, and we must be prepared for cos changes, which always cost initially. More than 50% of the firms present in the study claim to have among their goals, use absolutely new and innovative materials for the next decade, such as robotics or reality attached.

It seems that the client is looking for new things, looking for experiences, performances, real innovation and no return after return to the old times. With what is essential for major brands, be very attentive to new technologies with which to make fashion, and this opens a really big fan and, why not say, scary in some cases. We will be aware

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