Jonathan Saunders leaves Diane von Furstenberg after only eighteen months in the creative direction.

The Made in USA banner, Diane von Furstenberg, is at a delicate moment. The “descent in march” of the Scottish couturier Jonathan Saunders, after only eighteen months as creative director, has been an authentic pump for the American firm that is “decapitated” at the moment.

The reasons argued by the designer do not make clear the reason for the departure and do not convince the “parish” for what the gossip of the industry have already begun the dance of conjecture. According to a large part of the sector, the disagreements between the designer and one of the founders Von Furstenberg, has been the trigger for the departure of the Scot. However, the young designer’s statement thanks the firm for the trust placed in him and says he is very proud of what he has achieved in these eighteen months of collaboration. He also says that he will continue to be friends with the brand and will always follow it in the future.

The creator of the brand, meanwhile, has also had words of thanks for the couturier who praised it as the best option in 2016 when they signed it. Today leaves, according to textual words, an inheritance that will be important and lasting.

Thus, the dance of names of creative directors in the highest fashion are still valid with this new case. “The crisis of three years” seems to be able to turn into a crisis without end. We will follow in any case the steps of Saunders in case he retakes his personal signature, abandoned since 2015 for personal reasons.

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