The first physical Boutique of the American artist arrives in London.

We are not facing any attempt to open the market. It is not a blind stick more than any company that seeks to expand. It is not a lukewarm decision to see what happens. It is, according to the founder of the firm, prepares the way for the next phase of the business. The opening of this temporary store in London is due to a more than thought and elaborated strategy.

In the shop, we can find clothing from companies as lauded as Victoria Bechkam, apart from their own particular lienas. The prices are not low and its clientele, which already fills the store every day since its opening and insurance until its closure on January 27. We talk about women between 30 and 50 years old with taste and money to spend.

The interior designer Fran Hickman has been responsible for the design of the store and it could not have been better his choice. With a Californian look and using only natural materials, English gets a natural space that we access, for example, by a corridor full of olive trees that already, first, takes you out of the streets of the British capital.

Different sections for different moments is the great surprise that some pointed out since they did not expect to see so many different areas. Sections sports, furniture, beauty, health, fashion (own and others) and a long list of options to have a good time in the rooms. But what has undoubtedly generated more controversial are the sex toys with committed names.

Of course, the time that is going to be open, we are convinced that it will be full and will give something to talk about. And veresmo if you create a new business model to imitate by other fashion moguls, or not …

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También disponible en Castellano

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