London joins the fashion of the great Gucci wall.

It is no coincidence that the British capital is now chosen for the umpteenth Gucci mural. In fact, it is the culmination of a series of advertising messages by different and emblematic cities of the globe in which, the great French firm, has been putting the necessary impacts for the launch of its new collection after this last mural in London. Now it is inaugurated

The team of the house, always looking for the impact in their campaigns to attract the viewer. As we have told on many occasions, advertising has to be more of an experience than anything else, and the need for people to share our advertising efforts is now the premium. Of course, Gucci knows how to do it.

On this occasion, they have conspired with the Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal, to make a campaign especially original and striking. For some months now we have got up many mornings with the news of a super mural in, for example, Piazza Largo la Foppa in Milan, or in Lafayette Street in New York soho. And so a series of impressive paintings that evoke, from Gucci styling, classic stories like, on this occasion, that of Rapunzel.

The big fashion companies have been adapting for a long time to the change of clients that is coming to them. Actually, it’s just another change of times, and you have to be right. Of course, this system captures to a great extent a more youthful public. But it is also worth remembering that his capacity for surprise is getting smaller; so we will have to continue on the path of impact and experience.

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