A new brand called Nyden will be born next year at the hands of H & M.

In 2017 we saw the birth of Arket, a brand of H & M that we can hardly value yet in terms of results. Without hardly any time for its assimilation by the market, the Swedish company embarks on the launch of a new firm for the group called Nyden. It is a word game between the Swedish words “new” and “it”.

Leading the new brand we will see the creative Oscar Olsson, an old acquaintance of the Swedish company since he arrived there in 2013. He arrives at the address of one of the firms after his time in the expansion team and head of laboratory of innovation later. H & M demonstrates with this appointment the full confidence that they have in it. In fact, the emergence of this new brand of the group is related to the work of Olsson and his studies.

Nyden will be a brand aimed at millennials as well as another brand of the group, but with the singularity that it will not follow the traditional fashion calendar; neither the tendencies, what makes of its success a mystery that we will be happy to unravel with the passage of the months.

Dedicated to the luxury but affordable product, the prices will vary enormously and its stock will be limited. It will not be sold in its own store and can be purchased online or in pop up eventual. We also know that the firm will count to give notoriety to the actress Naomi Rapace and the famous tattoo artist Doctor Woo.

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