The group’s executive president, Pablo Isla, reassures those who doubt the future of Inditex.

Although it might seem a futile argument, the current CEO of the largest brand in Spain, has blamed the fall fall of the group last quarter. Many are those who speak of excuses, but the truth is that the group is solvent enough and its trajectory is so successful as to at least give the benefit of the doubt.

Through Pablo Isla, the company announced that its commitment to the combined model of offline and online sales will continue to be a reality in which, moreover, they firmly believe. Of course, their numbers support the guideline and the opening of annual stores also gives an idea to the clear that the system is working.

It is since 2012 that the Galician giant decided to post for the large spaces in its policy of Optimization of Commercial Surface. In this way, each year around 200 small establishments are closed to inaugurate about 350 flagships. This year the forecast is the same, which shows us that the thing is going from strength to strength.

Skeptics warn that the Inditex model may be taking its final steps as a commercial hub and a global example, as they believe that the model may be running out. But the reality is that the cold numbers show the opposite and do not peek, despite the illusion of its great detractors, that will end in the near future.

In any case, and as we have published here before, they should be very aware of the new trends that talk about technology in clothing, and not let other groups go ahead. We will continue expectant the future of our most successful company

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