The new flagship of the Inditex group in Barcelona is for Oysho.

The firm of the Inditex group specialized in lingerie, Oysho, opened its first flagship in Barcelona last June, nothing more and nothing less than Portal de l’Ángel. In this way, the gingante of fashion confirms that his intention to take hold in the technological world were not mere attempts to attract attention. The intentions of group renewal are clear, then.

For this occasion, the flagship has a mythical space of the popular Catalan neighborhood. An institution in the area was the Santa Ana haberdashery that now sees its 500 meters of floor, destined to delight young and not so young people in a shop dedicated to the most suggestive and practical lingerie. Oysho has had the great idea to preserve key aspects of the old deserved that are in the imagination of many people from Barcelona, ​​such as the staircase or its classic arches.

In addition to the proprietary technology of these new physical stores, the firm wanted to make clear that they alternate classic assisted sales with self-service, since they understand that in this type of product, on many occasions, attention is paramount. But you can also buy online any product that is not in the store and receive it at home or in that same delegation.

What is clear is that Oysho, with more than 600 stores around the world, knows very well what is being done. In this delegation, in addition to lingerie you can buy bedding such as pajamas, swimwear, sports or footwear.

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