Stock clearance with discounts of up to 85%. Intropia closes definitely.

Since last February we know that the Spanish company was entering the liquidation phase. In any case, the news last November of its voluntary reception to the bankruptcy, ventured what we see today. Intropia closes definitely. It was about time.

The closing is definitive, not so some of its points of sale at the moment and until liquidate stock. Also your website and online sale will be active at the moment. Seville and Valencia are the cities chosen by the company to maintain contact with their customers until the end. The corners that are enabled in El Corte Inglés will remain active until the end of the month. Unlike in Spain, the stores that have Paris in Paris and London have already closed.

It should be remembered that turbulence in the firm is not new. Last year, in the month of June, they already dispensed with their board of directors, leaving their founder, Constantino Hernández, in charge of the brand. And its sales have decreased progressively since 2015.

However, the total disappearance of the brand is not safe. Last year the news of a possible buyer search to refloat it was known. Although the results were unsuccessful, that option is not ruled out, and that, in a few years, they return to the national scene with the original force.

Since its birth in 1994, the firm has had different names. Thus, from Homeless, it was renamed Hoss Intropia, to be, finally, with the well-known Intropia, with which it has become one of the preferred medium-high sector. Up to 1000 stores in several countries has managed to manage this Spanish firm of which we are deeply proud. Hopefully we will see her again with the strength that amazed us at the beginning of the century.

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