After geriatrics, car parks and renewable energies, fashion is the new bet of the venture capital sector.

No company wants its end user to be an investment fund, that’s for sure, but the venture capital sector is, at times, the only opportunity for many companies that need these to grow or save a serious crisis situation. These funds seek, on the other hand, the highest profitability of companies spending as little as possible. And with these wickers, we have arrived at the incursion of the seconds in those through the big door and making a lot of noise.

Many are the examples, although perhaps the most vaunted by the sum of the operation; 550 million euros, was the purchase of Pronovias just a few months ago by BC Partners to its founder, Alberto Palatchi.

For its part, the French conglomerate Vivarte, which was going through a difficult period derived from its strong debt, sold 70 million footwear chain Merkal OpCapita fund, known in Spain for being the owner of La Sirena, being one of the operations strong in the world of Low Cost.

CVC and PAI Partners with the participation that Permira had of Cortefiel, Black Toro rescuing Mary Paz or relaunching Amichi, Michael Kors acquiring the shoes of Jimmy Choo to Jab Luxury, …. None of these operations reaches the magnitude of what will be the sale of Puma by another well-known French conglomerate; Kering, who has hired, nothing more and swim less, than the Rothschild investment bank to manage said sale

We could continue for pages and pages, to verify that, indeed, the world of risk capital has come into fashion, surely not to stay, since these funds follow sectoral trends; today they are here, tomorrow they go there; business is business

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