Jeanologia presented new technologies for garment finishing in Mexico.

Last July 15. Jeanologia, was present at the Intermoda fair held in Guadalajara, Mexico. This company, of Spanish origin and with more than 20 years of existence, is dedicated to the development of sustainable and eco-efficient technologies.

Jeanologia has been leading the textile industry for years thanks to its commitment to disruptive technologies. The use of laser or ozone techniques allow greater productivity by reducing water and energy expenditure. The reduction of waste and harmful emissions in the process and is another of his great achievements.

At the fair, the “ecological” company made a live design through its laser textile design software. Everyone there could see how in a few seconds the design is marked on the garment by means of the laser named E-Mark. We are talking, without a doubt, about the sourcing model of the future.

The company already has customers all over the world. Your machinery sales account for almost all of your turnover. Their presence in Mexico is already 20 years old and they have, in that country, their own equipment and support since they serve the main firms in their territory.

The most enlightening fact of what this company means lies in the percentage of “jeans” or jeans that are produced annually in the world through its technology: 35%! Congratulations.

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