Jeremy Scott is, thanks to his recent collaboration with H & M, the designer of 2018.

The American Jeremy Scott, is, according to the most learned voices of fashion, the designer of the 
past years 2018. He, who revolutionized Moschino since his entry into the firm in mid-2013, 
has once again become the proper name of this last year, according to some, for their collaboration 
with H & M.

The career of the great American couturier has been a constant upward since he received the award, 
in 1999, the best young designer for the very same CFDA just two years since his arrival in Europe. 
Since then, his innovative, satirical and, let's say, extravagant character, has made him sign 
with H & M.

Precisely the collaboration that united three fashion mastodons such as Scott himself, H & M and 
the firm that Tejano works for, Moschino, was made public in April of last year and left stupefied 
the most aware, since he took Great care until its publication. The success was guaranteed.

In an interview at that time "the people's designer (as it is known in the colloquially), 
counted the ease with which they agreed to the two parties after the call of H & M, considering 
that the H & M line is very in tune with his idea of ​​creation, both parties closed the deal quickly 
and very excited.

We know that not only does this collaboration make Jeremy Scott the most acclaimed designer of 2018, 
but undoubtedly, something has had to do.

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