The German firm Schmidttakahashi allows us to know where it comes from and where our clothes will go.

Schmidttakahashi emerged in Germany in 2010 with a clear tendency to innovation. Despite the changes that fashion experiences almost every year since the beginning of the century, (especially because of its parallel path to technological revolutions), that year we were told that a new firm was emerging from designing on second-hand clothes, it did not stop surprise us Some did not give them more than the credit of the novelty; but there they go.

There they continue, and in what way !, the Berlin dressmakers are now on everyone’s lips with the QR codes for their garments. The initial dislocation of, for what?, Is usually accompanied, in most cases, by an ah, how cool! That is, they hit the nail again.

It is about adapting the code to each garment, already unique, in order to know data such as where it comes from, who donated it, what was done to it, … We all ask ourselves many times, in our desire to be better, the question Who will have made these pants? Will you respect all my ethical canons? Now, thanks to these young Germans we can already know the intra-history of our clothes.

In addition, and if that were not enough, the former owners can also know what was the pants that both liked and discarded by size, for example. An emotional element that, let’s face it, usually happens with certain clothes; those that so many good times accompanied us and showed off.

So, one of the brands that create with waste continues its journey and we are happy, since as it is said lately, you know, fashion must be sustainable or, otherwise, it will not be.

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