The Spanish model Jon Kortajarena parades in Rome of the hand of Moschino.

Although we are accustomed to the success of our most international model, we are proud to 
see him again speaking at the presentation of Jeremy Scot for Moschino last week in the eternal city. 
A new step climbed by our most handsome Basque.

The first parade of the year for Moschino, nothing more and nothing less than in Rome, has been a 
success in all aspects. Cinecitta studios have been the framework chosen by the firm for the presentation
and have been liked by the public and critics. Italian surrealism has been, on this occasion, 
the choice of the American designer to present his new collection, more specifically, the work of 

As we have said, our Jon Kortajarena has been one of the most acclaimed in the parade and he returns 
from Italy with a new success in his hands. The networks are burning with Bilbao, which has more than 
two million followers on Instagram. After working for Dolce & Gabbana or Chanel, Jon takes a new step 
to gain a foothold in the highest of world fashion.

We have really enjoyed the follow-up that the Spanish model has given us through the networks of 
different fun moments of the gala, as well as the models we could see. Funny and close, as always, 
we hope to see you at the next important fashion event with capital letters.

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