The parade of Lagerfeld’s friends with Penelope Cruz The last Karl Lagerfeld parade for Chanel brings together all his muses. Lagerfeld with Penelope Cruz.

The last day of March 5 was a milestone in the history of fashion. The posthumous parade of Lagerfeld for Chanel in Paris; the last. We hardly believe that the greatest inspirer of recent times has said goodbye. But it’s true. It will have to be overcome. And to begin with, we were able to enjoy what was his last appearance (because he was there, he felt). In Paris and with all its muses; Lagerfeld’s friends with Penelope Cruz, always.

The Kaiser was the authentic precursor of the majestic sets for the parades. He always showed an exquisite taste, as well as a concern and special dedication, in these gigantic performances. To such an extent he took his interest for it that it was, without doubt, a very important part of the parade. Of course, his collections were the ones that elevated him as number one, but his signature in the staging was forced and really celebrated.

The German genius always gave importance to ski clothing, in part, they say, in homage to Coco Chanel, who liked this sport. So the use for the parade of a set simulating a luxury ski resort has been another of the success of the day. We are sure that the chosen scenario would be the same although the collection to present would have been the spring / summer.

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But the big surprise, and the news that more illusion reported us, was the closing of the parade with our beloved Penelope Cruz. The pride and satisfaction of seeing her on the catwalk in the most important fashion day of recent times, the farewell to Karl Lagerfeld, can not be expressed in words. Penelope returns to climb one more step in our hearts and again, puts us at the top of the fashion scene.

In this way, and by surprise, the beautiful Madrilenian said goodbye to her friend, the one who named her the ambassador of the firm, the first Spanish to be so; Penelope, as always, opening the way. Thanks for everything!

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