Louis Vuitton says goodbye to the Paris fashion week in Louvre.

With the hangover still on the fashion week in Paris, one of the most important in the old continent, we began to digest what happened there. One of the most commented parades, without a doubt, was the one that closed the week of the pret a porter that was run by Luis Vuitton. Many comments have been made for and against the parade that, in a setting like the Louvre , dressed for the occasion which mythical Popidou, did not leave anyone indifferent.

The initial bewilderment for the coloring, (exaggerated for some), of the collections of the French firm, gave way to the stupor of some, to check the androgynous line of the models. They run strange times and fashion is not exempt from the prevailing fussiness. Pop inspiration, which should surprise no one at this point, prevailed without hesitation. We are more than accustomed to the search for the generational clash as an argument in each and every one of the classic firms. So some of the fierce criticism to which the firm has been subjected is not well understood.

While it is true that, in general, the welcome has been good. According to some means, the combination that the luxury house has created from paintings, stripes and animal prints, together with the powerful colors, have degenerated into pure bad taste. Tastes and colors are already known … Actually, we live in times of change, mixing and fusion. Corollary extravagance is almost a physical necessity. But there will always be someone who is hurt in the most subjective of the senses. And so it must be.

What is certain is that indifference is not an option in this world of fashion that we are so passionate about and Louis Vuitton has returned to talk about, as only the great get each time. Afterwards, each one will appreciate more or less the proposals as it could not be otherwise. From here, our most sincere congratulations for that mix of talent and daring, brand of the house.

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