The new collection of Mango against breast cancer is now available.


On October 19 the International Day of the fight against Breast Cancer was celebrated. The implication of mango against breast cancer is not new, but, without a doubt, they have taken another step with these collections, annual already, whose total benefits lie in the Fero Foundation

The collection:

The collection consists of t-shirts and sweatshirts, all of them with the messages of the campaigns against breast cancer such as “Don’t give up” or “Love for Live”. In addition, creatively included in these little slogans, we see the pink ribbon, so emblematic of this fight. In addition, they have designed a bag in the same line.


The Fero foundation will be the one who receives the full benefits of the collection sales. This private foundation dedicated to translational cancer research, or what is the same, personalized treatment, gladly received the news. Already last year more than three hundred thousand euros were raised that were allocated to the detection of molecular alterations with this same system of adapted collections.

International Day of Prostate Cancer?

As we said, Mango’s commitment to the fight against cancer is known. We like to remember that last June, Mango did the same with men and supported the fight against prostate cancer through a collection dedicated to men suffering from this disease.

T-shirts and a swimsuit with the phrases “Nothing can stop me” and “This fight has no gender” are the garments that from June can be obtained in the stores of the firm and also online. The benefits are also destined to the Fero foundation

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