Mango launches a collection for mothers and daughters: Mini me.

That children’s fashion is no longer as “childish” as it has been years ago. The big fashion companies do not disdain the potential of this market and the big designers of children’s fashion abound these days. The reality is that it is a growing market and they are the germ of really innovative ideas in the world of fashion, and that is mini me.

MANGO has understood the phenomenon and has gone further. In a show of ingenuity, the “Mini me” collection has been invented, which consists of designing identical or similar clothes for both mothers and daughters. In this way, something that parents have thanked them since time immemorial, as it is to be reflected in their little ones, now it is easy to get through the attire.

MANGO tries to make it easier with this collection that suits all ages. With the same fabrics and motives mother and daughter can dress together. The option of the same garment is complemented with other similar models but not the same. To taste of each “couple”.

Some of the “packs”, even, are totally different, but always with a common thread so that the effect remains as a whole. The idea is that mother and daughter see each other. This to the children we are sure that they love it. Who has never wanted to go as their parent and feel older?

The tendencies, as we said at the beginning, have been homogenized and are not far between girls and adults. In this way, this decision of MANGO seems to us, apart from a great success, something that had to happen sooner or later. But, as always, someone has to take the first step.

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