Why Nathan Jenden will be the new creative of the Belgian firm?

As soon as we start the year, we already have the first important change in the high fashion summits. This is the British designer jopven Nathan Jenden who, seven years later, returns to what was his home. This time, for everything high.

Replacing Jonathan Saunders, the prodigal son will be responsible for the design direction and creative vice-presidency. A bet, undoubtedly strong, for the signature of the cross cuts. We hope it hits this time.

The English Modist, who started in fashion with a parade of Armani that caught him without remission, remembered his beginnings when he discarded the University of Oxford to graduate in Central Saint Martin. And to recognize that in 2009 he did not know how to sew, he ended up directing the design area of ​​Daryl K after his work for Galliano and Kenzo.

His first stage in Diane Von Furstenberg began in 2001 as creative director, where he spent 10 years until leaving in 2011 to embark on his own firm. He even took time to take the creative direction of the popular American firm, Bebe.

“The beginnings with Diane were strangers. I had not heard of her, despite being who she was “the Londoner acknowledged years ago not without humor. The relationship between the two was very good thereafter. And the Von Furstenberg declared recently and on the occasion of the recent appointment, that she was very happy and proud to be able to count on Jenden again.

Jenden’s collections with his own signature reminded, logically, the style that evolved from his time in DVF. She was one of his great “admirers” and it was common to see her in the front row of his parades. Simpre supported him and now brings him back to what was his home and they seem happy, hopefully it will last many years.

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