Tribute to terror of Calvin Klein in his new campaign.

It’s not that we’re not used to the cinematic language of Calvin Klein’s campaigns. Nor will it surprise us now that a campaign of the American firm relate through games with powerful visual character, a more or less “traceable” story. But what was not so seen, perhaps, is the homage to the films of dubious quality of the most genuine American cinema.

A barn in the middle of nowhere, young boys and girls in a distracted attitude, and a long etcetera that leads us, without remission, to the most terrifying genre and followed by the youth of half the world.

This is the medium chosen by the firm Calvin Klein to launch the world to its new collection in spring 2018. The photographer Willy Vanderperre has been the chosen one to carry out this photographic session that is so praised by critics. It must be said that Lloyd & Co are behind all this visual wonder, how could it be otherwise, in the hands of its creative director Raf Simons.

A deeply American aesthetic that underlies each image. A horror that is chewed in the country. Antagonistic concepts of beauty and terror that are opposed so as not to leave anyone indifferent and, as always, wanting more; Maybe the success of this type of signature campaigns so personal.

Simons himself commented that all this is part of life; of the game, and that they only reflect it. Also, who can deny them?

What is certain is that, once again, the powerful American has done it again and stands out from its competitors without the need to innovate. Bravo

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