The color on chromas marks the new Delpozo collection.

The creative director Josep Font, has been inspired by photography this time. Franco Fontana and Luke Stephenson have been his “muses” for this new work in which he has highlighted the purity of the colors contrasting with chromatic backgrounds.

Since the arrival to the creative direction of Josep Font, the firm has experienced a rise in notoriety rarely seen. The Catalan architect (yes, he is an architect) has achieved a style that has enchanted characters of the likes of Michelle Obama, Leticia Ortiz, or Melania Trump. Perhaps this has been the last springboard that has put the firm Delpozo in the highest position of international glamor.

Since its creation in 1974, the firm of Jesús Del Pozo has always been successful. But today, once the name has been changed by the current Delpozo, the international takeoff has been significant. In fact it is considered, nowadays, one of the most “cool” brands.

With this latest collection, even more marked if it fits for the full colors, Delpozo hopes to follow the path of triumph that has been drawing since 2011 and we hope so. The Spanish firm is one of our clear fashion references and we are proud.

What we do know is that the drift taken since the death of the great couturier by Josep Font, has, without a doubt, the best of the directions he could. Always remember the beginnings of the signature and the number of milestones that reached the old name, but perhaps we can say that, today, Delpozo flight higher than ever.

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