Last June we knew the new logo of Giorgio Armani.

The men’s fashion week in Milan last June left us with more than good taste and quality couture; The presentation of the new logo of the Italian firm par excellence. It seems little, considering that the spring summer collection was presented for next year, but we are not talking about any brand, or any image. This is Giorgio Armani and nothing they do from that illustrious house, it is not important; and less something like the logo of the firm.

Apparently, and as the designer himself noted after the parade, the logo was there for some time and they were happy with it. It was only a matter of time before he left, only the decision had to be made. It seems that this collection for 2019 has been the perfect place and time for the Italian house that is very happy with the new image.

For the rest, the parade was not in the background, as some might have thought, since it was a waste of good taste and elegance as we had not seen on the catwalk for a long time. The predominant colors have contributed in a remarkable way in this elegant and discreet touch: And that is that the gray, beige, black, brown and blue, are a success whenever you try class.

Shorts on silk shirts, double-cross jackets, jackets with asymmetrical prints and a long list of items that will undoubtedly mark the trend next year along with accessories, for example, based on leather. Black handbags, double-wrapped belts, sunglasses with clear blue and green glass, or classic brown and black loafers.

We are delighted with the new logo and the confirmation, once again, that the most successful Italian company of our times continues in such good shape as this parade showed us.

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