The Association of Fashion Designers of Spain includes this year 2018 our signatures.

66 firms included ACME until 2018. Three new firms enter this Spanish association that continues to grow. Duarte, Reliquiae, Fely Campo and The Stoat, just the new arrivals, do you know them?

Duarte is a predominantly male firm. Created by Carlos Duarte and Francisco Font, which at the moment only operates in Spain and Germany through multi-brand stores. It plans to open its own store in Madrid for this 2018, in addition to its expansion by countries such as Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.

Fifteen years have passed since Fely Campo gave the international leap after the opening of its first store in Salamanca. His designs for women’s party outfits liked quickly in countries like Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom or Kuwait. Recently inaugurated an atelier as a means to boost their creativity

One of the references of luxury in Spain is undoubtedly Reliquiae. His founding, who received a family business of leather goods from his father in the 50s, and turned to gold, as the midas king that he is, is called Hector Jareño. His firm has made a hole in the oriental market and already prepares new surprises for Madrid this 2018.

Two young designers are hiding behind the signature Teh Stoat. Young but with great background. In fact, their models have been seen in red carpets in this country as important as the film festival in Malaga or, without further, in the Goya awards. They stand out for their classic lines in both women’s and men’s collections. Without a doubt, they are part of that promising future that we have in the land of the bull’s skin.

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