New designers change the New York fashion week 

Despite living the golden age of minimalism, the New York fashion week is still a “must” for all lovers of fashion. Because, while it is true that the showroom is in vogue, no one is even so as to be obvious in the Week of New York Fashion. And whoever believes it, is wrong.

But the truth is that the new wave of young people in New York seems to bet more on content than on the continent. As if they really gave more importance to their “truth” than to a holiday environment, according to some, outdated. This confronts, by force, with the traditional idea of ​​the bigger better. The change is in course.

There are new parameters for young people where they want to emphasize. The environment, ecology, veganism, inclusion, … These are some of the new premises that have been going strong. And none of them needs big staging. In fact, the same answers go to the local and to the pragmatism, and then to the pomp in an intrinsic way.

Examples of what we talked about were seen last week, from the hand, for example, of Gipsy Sport, which prioritizes sustainability over the rest of the concepts and gives a turn to recycling. In addition, we are not reluctant to tell, Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes León, paraded for the firm. Telfar and his constant struggle to give visibility to controversial issues such as race or gender. And of course, Eckhaus Latta and his Brooklin shows in areas of clear depression.

We do not know exactly how it will be next year, the fashion week in New York, but times are changing. Maybe it surprised us with the participation of legendary brands. Or maybe the new wave finally succumbs and everything returns to its place. We will be attentive, that’s for sure.

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