Pantene signs the baby with a pelazo of only 12 months.

Hair care products firm Pantene announced last January that it was "doing" with the services of the 
youngest hair model in history. The famous baby with hair that was born in China only 12 months ago, 
is the new ambassador of the brand.

Little Baby Chanco, as it is known in the networks, where, by the way, already has more than 300,000 
followers, was announced in a report by People magazine, where she already joked about the girl's hair 
and her possibilities to win the popular "hair pantene" award.

Bebe con pelazo
The signature of Procter & Gamble, jokes aside, immediately put his eyes on the girl who then counted 
nothing but with 5 months. And the idea hatched. 7 months later, Baby Chanco enters into one of the most 
important companies in the sector, nothing more and nothing less than as an ambassador. Maybe we are 
facing the first ambassador who can not speak.

The first campaign he starred in has been called "my hair advances" and was the very president of the 
company, Alex Keith, who personally moved the relevant threads to be carried out. The campaign also has 
the well-known Japanese presenter Sato Kondo, who decided not to dye her gray hair and has become a 
reference for many women.
Sato Kondo

The campaign seeks to make the difference visible; Emphasize the beauty of the authentic. In a world 
in which the difference is wanted to cover from oneself, and cancel from the one in front, Pantene 
chooses to give power to the unusual; to what is not "well seen" or does not converge with the current 
canons. We love the idea and support, as it could not be otherwise from a company like You Are Unicorn.

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