Today closes the first pop up of Amazon in Madrid after his journey of six days.

With the still present hangover of Black Friday, today November 26 closes the first pop up (or ephemeral store) of the Amazon company in Madrid. Coinciding with other openings of the same format in different European capitals such as Munich or Berlin, the giant of network commerce, opened last Wednesday, and on the occasion of the arrival of the expected Black Friday, his first attempt at physical establishment in Madrid. Six days of madness that close today with what has meant another success of the company.

Located in the central district of Argüelles, in the street of La Princesa number 66, Amazon has enabled a space of more than one thousand meters for the “collection” of the most requested products of the season, creating a space similar to any home. The thousands of customers of the most well-known company of recent times, have been able to go to “palpate” their products, this time, before acquiring them.

While it is true that last year they already carried out this same action in the UK with remarkable success, we must recognize the group’s courage to bet on the physical format, given that its existence was based on online shopping, and its success it is a fact. But something in the heart of the brand has driven this type of actions that, according to some experts, helps to strengthen confidence in the company and to bring new potential buyers more skeptical with the networks.

The black friday then, has not yet finished in the Amazon world and we can still get more than 18,000 thousand products on sale today. And perhaps, the company can divert attention from the strike of its workers in San Fernando de Henares, who have not yet reached fruitful agreements with the company.

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