Animal associations applaud Prada who will leave the skins by 2020.

Last week the media echoed the news; Prada will leave the skins in 2020. The Italian fashion firm is not the first to make this decision, nor will it be the last. The trend is clear and does not seem to allow many firms to be left out of this animalistic wave that some call “good.” The reality is that there is an obvious clamor and the big houses do well not to ignore it.

In collaboration with the FFA (Fur Free Alliance), Prada confirmed via twitter that, starting with the next spring-summer women’s collection next year, she will not use animal skins again in her new designs. It joins other brands that also abandoned the use of leather for their products such as Armani, Versace, McCartney or Burberrys among many others. In fact, there were those who reproached the brand that had not made this decision before.

Undoubtedly, the ethical concept of luxury in fashion that prevails in our days, has been the trigger for a decision that, just 10 years ago, would have been unthinkable. But most of the directors of the most important fashion houses have understood that the public, today, demands something else. The care for the sustainable is an essential element when choosing which garment to buy.

Once again, the Prada group is again at the height of the circumstances and takes the right path. Perhaps there is someone who receives the news with some sadness, since the skin has always been one of the preferences of its most fervent followers, but the current moment does not allow another alternative and they will know how to understand and abide by the decision.

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