Anne Chapell will resurrect the French firm together with the designer Yiqing Yin.

Although current consumers hardly remember the brand, the Belgian businesswoman, Anne Chapel, says she is not afraid of the challenge of reborn Poiret, without a doubt, one of the biggest ones she has ever faced.

Considering the previous failures in similar attempts as it happened with the attempt to resurface mythical houses of the 30-40 years like Charles Frederik Worth or Vionnete, both absolute referents of his time, this, perhaps, crazy idea should do, at least , doubt the reckless business woman. Although from his hand have flowered signatures such as Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann, it is possible to think that the project that now undertakes, is more an illusion than a reality.

In any case, it presents us as the main weapon to achieve the milestone, to the designer of Chinese descent, Yiqing Yin, who without having crossed the barrier of thirty, faces what will be, for many, their biggest challenge. This French-Australian designer is not, however, an unconditioned one. He received the Grand Prix de la Création in Paris in 2009 and has collaborated with first-class brands such as Swarovsky or Lancome and led the collections at Maison Léonard. In 2014, he abandoned the collaboration and dedicated himself to his own firm. Even so, we still think that this is your biggest challenge.

The Poiret seal has been forgotten for almost a century and although, as we say, its name was synonymous with haute couture both in France and throughout Europe, it will take a lot of work to get its legacy back on its feet. Chapel, however, believes in the project and believes that it will be like telling an old story to new lovers of fashion who, according to her, will know how to understand what Poiret was and assimilate it for our times.

It should be noted that the project will be financed by the South Korean Chung Yoo-Kyung, granddaughter of the founder of Samsung magnate. She has been, nevertheless, the architect of taking to his native country signatures like Givenchy, Celine or Dries Van Noten and also says to be in love with the project. So we have no more to rely on these three great women and hope to see the name of Poiret again in our stores. We are expectant and excited

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