The punk and Raf Simons open the menswear week in Paris.

The Belgian designer Raf Simons opened the male fashion week in Paris last June with a parade of the most particular. Nothing more and nothing less than in an abandoned workshop in a well-known suburb of the city of lights. It was about recalling years past, the 70s specifically, and the predominant aesthetic in those crazy years; the punk

Attending the collection that the great dressmaker proposed us before the summer, we know that his bet is the black and white with images of those early punk and their chains, slopes and colored ridges. In fact, the room was decorated with all this type of iconography, apart from lasers, mirrors and naked mannequins. All very punk.

The platform boots and the adjusted pantolones accompanied every piece that appeared in the defile, very much in the current wave as well. But the center of expectation was in the coats. Every two pieces, the designer took out a new coat, all of them big and with pearls and in satin of different colors.

The location of the parade combined perfectly with the collection that was wanted to show, despite the complaints of some of the non-attendants. However, those who did the back-rolling exercise at age 70, enjoyed the game that that supposed. It was easy to imagine the sex pistols in the room throwing some anger, yes.

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