Personal Selection

You Are Unicorn seeks the best professionals for the leading companies in the sector. We perform a search and evaluation of talent for our clients from the knowledge of the company, the market and the profiles, collaborating with them throughout the entire process of selection, from the detection of needs to the follow up of the incorporation of the candidate.

Selection focused on fashion and retails: products, point of sale, central services, retail, real state…

Our candidates are those who carry the flag of our success, the unicorns are very special with a unique potential, and only feel attracted by large projects that allow them to develop professionally, besides they have the ability to attract, because a successful company is the best magic to call more talents.

In You Are Unicorn, we accompany our candidates throughout the process, we adapt our customers and we acquire them a commitment to continue offering the best quality in our service, by becoming the point of union between the company and the candidate.

As a firm specialized in the selection of staff, among other areas,we help in the company to find that “employee-unicorn” so hard to find in the sector, but once recruited,its a great benefit for the company, which can take your business to the next level, thanks to its ability of thinking strategically, its perseverance and passion for a long term goals, their ability to have fun at work among other virtues.

We firmly believe in the needs to dedicate a little time and effort to the persecution of one of this unicorns so real that can help change your company.


  • Art Director                                
  • Product Manager
  • Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Buyer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Stylist
  • CoolHunting
  • Photographer…


  • Store Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Logistics
  • Area Manager
  • Supply Chain                                
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Distribution
  • Planning…


  • Digital Marketing
  • UX & UI
  • Community Management
  • Web Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • PR & Communications
  • Analytics


  • Pattern Cutters
  • Machinist
  • Sample Cutters
  • Production Managers
  • Products Development
  • Garment Technologist

Real Estate

  • Expansion                             
  • Bussiness Development
  • Construction                              
  • Leasing

Our Process:

Step 1

Look for a job, is work. Perseverance is needed to find the company that needs your qualities, as well as one that is more suited to your profile. Applying many times is not the meaning of failure, but rather the contrary, this is a learning process that allows you to view the applicant a clearer idea of its future project.  

Step 2

The CV is the key that opens or closes the doors of our candidates, but our job is to see beyond. Our team of professionals differenciate those “good CV” and those that has the potential, because our work is the analysis and the ability to grasp the person behind that training and experience. 

Step 3

For us, an interview is like a conversation with a co-worker, or better yet, a client to whom we want to offer the best of our service. Because talking and getting to know each other we can guide you in your future to achieve the job of your dreamsto be able to grow professionally and personally, because the work is where you spend the large part of your life and we want you to feel fulfilled. 

The secret of our unicorns is to work as a team.

The secret to recruit the best is:

to look for people who want to change the world.


Before, during and after:

Our commitment of quality is a follow up from the first contact in the interview, where we value your skills and attitude, to guide your application where we believe we can adapt better, always keeping our commitment confidential.

Once you have submitted your application, many times the questions may arise or difficulties in the processing stage, thats why we want you to know that we are your companion all the way, we are your contact in the company, but we also want to be your bridge to success.

The success of our company is the commitment to a lasting relationship, even after your incorporation. We would like to be with you for the future, because we want to make sure your happiness and fulfillment of your expectations: we want to be your travel companion. Because being surrounded by the magic of unicorn is something that will never be forgotten.

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