English artist Shantell Martín and sports brand PUMA launch collection together.

In the world of fashion nothing is impossible, there is nothing that can not be mixed, and sometimes, the results are a luxury for lovers of fashion. On this occasion are the sports firm PUMA and the versatile British artist Shantel Martín who have united their “worlds” to launch a collection that exudes modernity and good taste in equal parts.

The German giant is one of the sports companies with the most international presence and has been a fashion reference in the sports sector for more than 65 years. We can say that he knows what is being done, and on this occasion, we have been really impressed by his courage. It is true that the world of sports is increasingly at the forefront of fashion, but it is still a complex sector for major changes.

How could it be otherwise, the “almost New York” and controversial Shantel, commented that, apart from being very happy about the collaboration and having enjoyed the experience, he had been especially happy to have left his message underlie in the range of products getting something truly unique.

Launched in February, and with really surprising changes in the redesign of the most legendary shoes of the brand as the Clyde or Suede, we hope that the collection is already having the success that we believe it deserves and we will be attentive to the reactions it generates that we know , have been of different depth. And we take the opportunity to encourage other firms to join this type of collaboration that both please the authentic fashion addict.

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