An exhibition about Sorolla and the fashion of his time reveals the groundbreaking character of the Valencian genius.

The Sorolla Museum and the Thyssen Bornemisza have come together to create one of the most interesting exhibitions this spring. From last February 13 until May 27, we can enjoy the exhibition of more than 70 works of Joaquín Sorolla related to fashion of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In a time when the dress begins to lose its anonymous component to become pieces with name and surname, emerged design giants such as Poiret, Lanvin or the liberator considered female: Madeleine Vionnet. Or maybe the equation was the reverse, and the appearance of the modistos would result in the emergence of interest in the pieces.

Although it is obvious at the beginning of the route of the exhibition, the curator of the exhibition emphasized the claiming character of the woman that is breathed in each room of the exhibition. They were times of feminist struggle; the vote, freedom, emancipation, …; all of them yearnings of the women of the beginning of the last century who were already mobilized with the help in this case of the great names of the culture of the time.

The times in which the woman began to dress for herself and that the Spanish painter reflected in his work in a conscious and direct way. We know that Sorolla loved his wife and did not miss the opportunity to entertain her with dresses bought in the best stores of those Paris or London.

The exhibition, apart from the works of the famous painter, also has dresses given by the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris, or the Museum of the Costume of Madrid, which have a huge and representative inventory of pieces from that time to imbue us yet more, in the story they want to convey to us.

So, we encourage all lovers of fashion in general, and of painting in particular, to visit these days the great exhibition that is, without a doubt, a bacchanal of exquisiteness in the different disciplines that it presents.

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