The data for 2017 are good and predict a good future for Spanish fashion.

The association of textile trade and accessories (Acotex) revealed in February some data that make us dream of an upward continuity of the good state of Spanish fashion.

Although the data of the rise in sales in the fashion trade seems light (0.10%), it is, for the experts, a significant figure in terms of trend. As always, the month of January with its sales was the month that best data collected, as is logical. But the hot autumn had a negative effect on sales and made this average fall considerably. Hence, the figure is not representative of the whole either. But as we said, a percentage rise is always positive and indicates that the current is upward.

It is in foreign trade, however, where the data are clearly favorable and hopeful. With an increase of more than 10 and 5% in exports and imports respectively, it is in this area where we confirm the good health of Spanish fashion.

In the purely qualitative aspect, it is the company Sartia that revealed us in the past Momad Metropolis, the trends for the next fall-winter of 2019, advancing us that the combination of styles will undoubtedly be the leitmotiv that will prevail next year . They even dare to spin fine in their conjectures and warn us that comfort, embodied in the volume and adaptation of the military motive to day by day, will be the most outstanding bets of the main brands. Also the striking colors will be complemented with the most classic sobriety to alternate glamor with everyday pragmatism.

Good news as well and good omens for the most apprehensive of the world of national fashion that have seen their desperate expectations reassured.

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