The Spanish firm Stradivarius cancels its male line for next year.

According to information from Europa Press, the brand of the Inditex group, Stradivarius, refuses to have a men’s collection for next autumn-winter. After a trial period, enough for the Galician company, they have decided to focus entirely on the women’s line and will not present a collection for men in the remainder of the year.

Just a few months after the launch of Stradivarius man for 32 of its stores around the world, the company has decided that it has been enough proof to dismiss the idea. It seems that the results have not been the estimated ones. The company closed 2017 with an increase of 10% over the previous year. With the departure of the men’s collection at the beginning of 2018, we imagine that they were looking to continue the progression and perhaps, the numbers at this point of the year do not support such a lift, so they have been able to stop that route before it turned out to be worse. But nothing is known about the decision of the business giant.

This collection was designed for men between 25 and 345 years old and had different lines within the line itself: Smart, which was focused more internationally; Denim; and Cotton, his most informal line.

Men are not in luck and it seems that we are still far from supporting the advances that fashion intends to make available to us. Hopefully next year the winds come back with better intentions for them.

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