Framed in the economy of the common good, the project The Circular Project begins its journey in Madrid.

It had been a while since we, without knowing it, had needed something like that. The brands with marked social and / or environmental commitment did not have spaces where they could be noticed and empowered. This was told by the founder of The Circular Project, Paloma G. Lopez, who launched just a few years before a signature of that court and saw with frustration how it was especially difficult to make a dent in the industry.

The one who is also the CEO of the project, commented that he was hardly aware of the difficulty of the company in which he embarked that, now, with the passage of the months, is ascertaining. In any case, how could it be otherwise, do not regret and believe, even more firmly if possible, in the importance of reaching the consumer certain messages and information.

One of the key points and more difficult, is the idea that clothes go with the person and not with the trend. This, which to some will seem right, is to go, in part, against the history of fashion. It is really a revolution that some consider necessary if we really want to support social commitment or the fight against climate change, for example. Let’s say that the time has come to stop looking the other way.

It is clear that this requires rethinking many things and reinventing oneself almost from the ground up, and it will not be easy. But the message is hopeful because although we must recognize ourselves as part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution, and for this we must recognize the first part. What better feeling to wear with clothes that smell justice, equality?

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