The sequence shot of Jacquemus shakes the nets.

The young French stylist has once again attracted the attention of people and strangers with his new genius, this time in the form of video for networks. It is not the first time that the fashion world turns to one of its ideas; We all remember his beginnings in Paris during the Fashion Vogue Night Out of 2010, or his mythical “Jacquemus en huelga” of 2011. But those were other times.

To this day, Simon Jacquemus is already a reality of international fashion, with almost ten years of professional career on his own. And today, it is a video in a masterful sequence that is giving you something to talk about in every corner of the “glamor planet”. It is an exquisite scenic choreography of just two minutes, shot with a single camera. Two minutes in which different models show what will take next summer, detaching, like every work of Provenzano, just and indispensable sensuality too.

The place where the clip was shot can not make us more excited, since it is our beloved and beloved Tenerife, which is why, why not? It fills us with pride. And we also have a model among the cast of the video clip; our Elena Marín, nothing less.

The creative direction, how could it be otherwise, is borne by Simon Jacquemos himself, but who films is the renowned Gordon Von Steiner, who has been chosen to portray the typical long summer afternoon that leads to an appealing sexy party. The designs, already the brand of the house, of giant hats and mini bags, are once again fundamental in the new collection.

We invite everyone to enjoy the video hoping that they like, at least, half of what we liked.

Videoclip La Bomba, by Jacquemus

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